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Power transformer is a stationary electrical equipment is used to a certain value of the AC voltage (current) into the same frequency values ​​of the other one or several different voltage (current) equipment. When a winding of the alternating current, it creates an alternating magnetic flux, alternating magnetic flux through the core role in the secondary winding electromotive force induced in the exchange. The second level of EMF with a number of the secondary winding turns, the voltage is proportional to the size and number of turns. Main role is to transmit power, therefore, the rated capacity of its main parameters. Rated capacity is a manifestation of the power of the usual value, which is characterized by the size of transmission of electrical energy, expressed in kVA or MVA, when the transformer rated voltage, in accordance with it under specified conditions to determine the temperature rise limit of not more than the rated current. Power transformers are more energy-efficient amorphous alloy core distribution transformer is its biggest advantage is that the value of ultra-low no-load loss. No-load loss can ultimately ensure that the value of the entire design process to consider the core issues. When arranged in the product structure, in addition to consider the amorphous alloy core itself is not the role of external forces, but also reasonably accurate in the calculation have to select the characteristic parameters of amorphous alloys.
Dry type transformer is to rely on air convection for cooling, generally used for local lighting, electronic circuits. Machinery and equipment transformers in the power system, the general turbine transformers, boilers, transformers, transformers ash, dust transformers, transformers and other desulfurization are dry-type transformers, variable ratio 6000V/400V and 10KV/400V, with a rated voltage of 380V for the load. Simply refers to Dry type transformer are not impregnated in the core and windings of the transformer insulating oil. Relative to the oil-type transformers, dry type transformers because there is no oil, there is no fire, explosion, pollution and other issues, so the electrical specifications, procedures, etc. do not require dry-type transformers placed in a separate room. Especially the new series, loss and noise to a new level, more transformers and low voltage power distribution panel in the same room to create the conditions.
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